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Social Impact Research provides information management support to public services that seek to maintain high standards and achieve longevity.

MA trained to deliver research and information management services to voluntary and public sector organisations. I have fourteen years of experience working in a community setting for a local authority and consider this valuable experience to understand public service delivery. 


Enthusiastic and driven to manage quality research that makes a difference to organisations and their ability to deliver an excellent service cost-effectively is my mission.

Operating independently allows me to deliver in a way that sees you satisfied with the insight and knowledge regarding how stakeholders experience your service operation.


The use of Social Return on Investment (SROI) software to develop your impact map and gather information from stakeholders ensures that you maximise your return on investment, and include your stakeholder's views and ideas when making the decisions which impact upon them.  


I work in partnership with your organisation on a project by project basis. My goal is to deliver research that meets your organisation's need for comprehensively acquired and managed information. I am sensitive to your research directive and can promise you the best quality researched and insightful information for your operational concerns.

Facilitating government-endorsed software to acknowledge your social, environmental and economic impact and measuring your social return on investment (SROI) is invaluable towards rectifying issues, demonstrating public benefit and be appreciated for your service delivery being on-point towards excellence and longevity. I gather and manage insightful, action led information on your behalf and evaluate your service independently of any outside influence.

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So get in touch, be part of the solution and "Know Your Impact"


I look forward to meeting you, and managing your research and information management needs forward.

Sincerely,              Catherine

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